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As a child, Noah sees his father, Lamech, killed by king Tubal-cain for his land. As an adult, Noah lives with his wife, Naameh, and their sons ShemHam, and Japheth. He dreams of a great flood, so he takes his family to consult his grandfather, Methuselah.

On the way, they come across a group of recently killed people and adopt the lone survivor, a girl named Ila. She is treated for an abdominal wound, and Naameh determines she will be unable to bear children. The group is chased by the murderers and escapes into the land of the Watchersfallen angels that were stranded on Earth as stone creatures after they descended from Heaven to help Adam and Eve when they were banished from the Garden of Eden for eating the Forbidden Fruit.

Methuselah helps Noah understand his visions and gives him a seed from Eden, which he plants nearby. The Watchers arrive the next morning, and, while some presume he is a liar, water spouts from where Noah planted the seed and a mature forest pops up around them. The Watchers are convinced he is serving the Creator. They help him build an ark to preserve life for after the Flood.

Years later, Tubal-cain notices a huge flock of birds flying to the almost-completed ark and leads his followers to confront Noah, who defies Tubal-cain and remarks that there is no escape for the line of Cain whose sins ravaged the land. When the Watchers form a defensive circle, Tubal-cain retreats and begins to build weapons to take the ark. Many animals come to the ark and are sedated with incense to sleep through the Flood.

With Ila in love with Shem, Noah goes to the refugee camp to find wives for his sons. When he witnesses the people's moral decay, he abandons his effort. Devastated by the idea of being alone his entire life, Ham runs into the forest. Naameh begs Noah to reconsider and, when he will not, goes to Methuselah for help. The old man cures Ila's infertility, while Ham befriends a refugee named Na'el.

When the rain begins, Tubal-cain incites his followers to storm the ark. Noah finds Ham in the forest, but leaves Na'el, who is stuck in a foothold trap and is trampled to death. His family enters the ark, except for Methuselah, who remains in the forest and is swept away by the rushing waters. The Watchers hold off Tubal-cain's army, sacrificing themselves and ascending back to heaven. Tubal-cain slips onto the ark and solicits help from Ham, playing on the boy's anger towards Noah for Na'el's demise.

Ila discovers she is pregnant and tells Noah, who pleads with God not to make him kill the child. The rains stop, indicating that God wants the child to die, so Noah tells his family that, if the baby is a girl, he will kill her to ensure the future will be uncorrupted by humans.

Nine months later, Ila goes into labor as she and Shem are about to leave the ark on a raft. Naameh begs Noah to spare the child so they will stay, but, instead, he burns the raft. Ham interrupts to tell Noah the beasts are awake and eating each other, which is a ruse so Tubal-cain can attack him. While they fight, Ila gives birth to female twins and the ark hits a mountaintop. Shem attacks his father and Tubal-cain is about to strike Noah with a rock, but Ham kills Tubal-cain with a dagger. Noah finds Ila, intending to kill the babies, but spares them because he finds nothing but love in his heart when he sees his newborn granddaughters.

Upon exiting the ark, Noah, thinking he has failed the Creator and deeming himself a monster, goes into isolation in a cave and makes wine to drown his sorrows. Ham, after witnessing his father's naked drunkenness, leaves to travel alone. Reconciling with his remaining family at Ila's behest, Noah charges his progeny with caring for the world and they witness intense waves of rainbows as symbols of the Creator's blessings.

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